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Department of Business and Economics

Entrepreneurship III

Module: Business C, Entrepreneurship III
Application: Online
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Liening
Katharina Weidemann
Course Type: Seminar + Exercise
Language: German
Date and place: 27.04. 09-14
28.04. 09-17
26.05. 10-13
23.06. 10-14

SRG 3.031
Exam: Module examination for the seminar and the exercise: seminar paper and presentation.

Course Description

The module Entrepreneurship III consists of the seminar Introduction to Business Models and the exercise Development of Business Models.

Both parts of the module (seminar and exercise) have business model development as their main topic. This is divided into the following phases (theoretical and practical): Modeling a business idea, deriving hypotheses, designing and conducting tests, deriving findings and actions, reviewing the overall progress, and transforming it into a business concept.

In the seminar, the theoretical content of business models is elaborated. Different concepts (e.g. Opportunity Recognition, Entrepreneurial Capabilities, Business Models...) will be explained and discussed.

Aims of the tutorial are: testing as well as proving and assessing the theoretical concepts of the business model.

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