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Department of Business and Economics

Modellbildung und Simulation in den Wirtschaftswissenschaften

Modul: Compulsory course in the master's program Wirtschaftswissenschaft Lehramt (BK) (Master LABG: Modul 2; Master Modellversuch: Modul 10)
Elective course in the Master's program Sozialwissenschaften Lehramt (GyGe) (LABG: Modul 2 mit Schwerpunkt "Ökonomische Bildung")
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Andreas Liening
Anna Wenzel
Type of event: Seminar
Language: German
Date and place: 27.01.2024
09:00 - 17:00 h
Participation in the seminar is only possible for those students who have registered for the course via E-mail to Anna Wenzel.
Exam performance: Successful participation and term paper

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