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Department of Business and Economics

Research Focuses

The various research areas of the Chair of Entrepreneurship and Economic Education are derived from the overarching research field of Economic Education. This comprises all research activities around the question of how competencies can be acquired that help to cope with different economic situations in a self-responsible way.

In this context, the research field Theories of Complex Systems comprises the description, explanation and modeling of non-linear phenomena in economic and business didactic learning processes as well as the complexity-scientific measurement of economic and entrepreneurial competence. The research area Entrepreneurship Education deals with the promotion of entrepreneurial competence, which includes the award-winning project "Junior Business School". Another research focus is in the research area Financial Literacy. The development and evaluation of learning arrangements conducive to economic education are the focus of the research area Education Management. In particular, the "use of digital media" in economic didactic learning processes is researched and potentials of the use of digital time- and location-independent media, for example in the implementation of economic simulation games, are investigated. Since Economic Education is not only to be advanced in everyday situations, but also in a company context, the research focus on human resources development deals with the question of how the efficient and self-confident mastering of company challenges can succeed.