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Department of Business and Economics

Einführung in die Wirtschaftswissenschaft und Ökonomische Bildung

Modul: Compulsory course in the Bachelor's program Wirtschaftswissenschaft Lehramt (BK, LABG 2009/2016: Modul 3) bzw. im Bachelor Sozialwissenschaften Lehramt (GyGe, LABG 2009/2016: Modul E)
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Andreas Liening
Anna Wenzel
Type of event: Lecture
Language: German
Date and place: On Tuesdays, 14:00 - 16:00 (Start: October 17, 2023)
SRG I - 2.008
Exam performance: Graded module examination in the form of a written exam.

Course description

Fundamental and structured knowledge of economic issues and ways of thinking as well as methods will be conveyed through a dogmatic-historical genesis and the concept of economic education will be embedded in a subject-specific as well as subject-specific-didactic framework.

Information will be published in the Moodle course.

The Moodle course is called "Einführung in die Wirtschaftswissenschaft und Ökonomische Bildung 2021/22". Independent enrollment in the course is possible.


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