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Department of Business and Economics

Komplexität & Entrepreneurship

Modul: Business C, Module: Entrepreneurship I
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Andreas Liening
Cedric Bayard
Type of event: Lecture + Exercise
Language: German
Date and place (lecture): On Mondays, 10:00 - 12:00 (Start: 16.10.2023)
SRG I - H.001
Date and place (exercise): The dates of the exercises will be announced in the first lecture.
Exam performance: Written exam (90 minutes)

Course description

The course Complexity & Entrepreneurship is divided into four main topics:

a) Entrepreneurship as a complex, dynamic process.

b) Introduction to the theoretical foundations of complexity: chaos theory, synergetics, etc.

c) The "Synergetic Entrepreneurship Model"

d) Quantitative methods for the determination of complexity in economic models or empirical research.

The exercises are to deepen as well as to discuss a practical implementation of the concepts and strategies developed in the lecture.

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