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Department of Business and Economics

Wirtschaftsdidaktisches Begleitseminar zum Berufsfeldpraktikum

Modul:  „Modul: Berufsfeldpraktikum“ in den Bachelorstudiengängen nach LABG 2009 in Wirtschaftswissenschaft (Lehramt BK) bzw. Sozialwissenschaften (Lehramt GyGe)
Lecturer: Pia Rosenthal
Type of event: Seminar
Language: German
Date and place: 22.04.2024, 09:00–12:00
06.05.2024, 09:00–15:00
27.05.2024, 09:00–15:00
29.05.2024, 08:30–11:30
Exam performance: Ungraded module examination, consisting of the successful completion of the practical phase (4 weeks) and a science-oriented theory-practice report (approx. 10 pages)

Course description

The business didactics seminar accompanying the internship provides an insight into placement-related topics relevant to the internship and helps to prepare for and follow up on the internship.

The internship is intended to provide an insight into occupational fields outside of school. It should take place in an institutional or entrepreneurial context and include mediating tasks. The internship must correspond to a time frame of 4 weeks. A total of at least 60 hours must be completed. Consult with us before beginning your internship to ensure proper internship selection. Under certain conditions, recognition of internships already completed is possible.

Please also note that the accompanying seminar on business didactics for the vocational field internship must be completed and that an internship report must also be written. The internship report should be approximately 10 pages in length and must meet academic standards.

In the light of recent events we will decide on the exact format of the individual events at short notice as the occasion arises. Please sign up in the Moodle room so that we can inform you about the schedule via e-mail!

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